Boundary Zone Theory

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Visual and technical choices in my artwork

Visually, I strive to approach the world as close to the human eye as possible. Therefore, I focus on compositions and focal lengths (in conceptual street) that match the real-life scenario without extensive distortion. Usually, my lens focal length varies between 25 to 50 mm on a crop sensor camera, depending on the distance to my subject. Currently, I am working with a Canon EOS 70D camera with a Canon 17-55mm / 2.8 lens.

My aim is to realize my artistic goals through the content in my images. As my artwork is based on boundary zone theory (see below), I see that the elements in reality must be preserved to increase the reliability of my artistic approach. However, I do like to fine tune my images through image processing, but content-wise I do not make any exceptions – the final elements have to be there. I never stage, cut or paste anything on my conceptual street photos and the original camera RAW file must conserve the same sense as the processed version. Through image enhancements, my objective is to add visual power to my images, making them artistically strong and solid.

Mostly, I prefer to use black and white format in my conceptual streetwork. However, sometimes color can add depth to my images, in which case I find their use justified. Nevertheless, I strive to maintain the same feel throughout my images, be it black and white or color. What comes to image cropping, I accept it. However, in my chosen artistic approach I strive to keep it as minimum as possible.

When photographing, I also prefer to use handheld camera. Artistically, I feel that holding the camera frees my expressive aura, making it flow with the current rather than stiffening it with formality. It also helps to get the camera ”out of the way” to reach my artistic goals. For me, the camera is an instrument which I use to realize my vision and explore our reality.

If you have any questions related to my artwork, please feel free to contact me via the contact form found on my website.

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My story


Initially, I started photography in 2007. It was at that time when I got my first point-and-shoot camera as a birthday gift from my mom. Soon afterwards, I realized that taking my camera everywhere gave me joy and while wandering outside I photographed everything that grabbed my attention. I was always attracted to special subjects such as thrash on the ground, people’s hands or tilted compositions of a building. From the very beginning, I felt that I needed to represent the reality in my own way, creating a world that was truly mine.

Little by little, I began organizing photoshoots with people I met through my street photography. I also briefly experimented with photographing nature, fashion and landscapes – various genres of photography. Over the years, I also noticed that my approach to photography took more of an exploratory touch. As far as I can see, I have always commanded more of an artist’s mind than strictly that of a photographer’s. The camera became a tool for exploring the world and expressing myself as an artist.

Nowadays (2016), I still enjoy photographing on the street the most. There is something about the current of random events that attracts my inner voyager. It feels like gazing clouds on the sky; each composition is always unique. One can come back to the same place numerous times, but things are always a little different than before. Often, they are those little things that matter.

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